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European Union - European Regional Development Fund


Since its establishment, MOU has placed particular emphasis on the on-going training of staff. MOU has been providing systematic training mainly to the NSRF / Partnership Agreement Managing Authorities, as well as to Beneficiaries, applying a blended learning strategy through:

  • Face-to-face seminars
  • Distance learning (e-learning system)

MOU seminars focus on technical knowledge and know-how transfer on subjects such as

  • planning
  • management
  • implementation
  • evaluation and auditing of EU co-funded interventions,
  • European and National legislation on public procurement and public works' implementation
  • general and specific management issues etc.


Furthermore, since 2007 with its e-learning system MOU ensures faster delivery of technical knowledge at significantly lower costs to a large number of users in the Managing Authorities. Since 2016 it provides e-learning services to Beneficiaries as well, aiming at developing and distributing e-courses adapted to their specific needs.    

Distance learning, an important investment of the MOU, proved to be:

  • A key modernisation tool and a tool to both deliver and monitor training
  • A lever of change and digital transformation towards the hybrid operation of the MOU and the Managing Authorities during the pandemic period.

Some interesting facts:

  • Synchronous (Virtual Classroom) and asynchronous distance learning (Learning Management System) has been operating continuously since 2008
  • Distance learning classroom that supports traditional and hybrid education
  • 2,900 users from the Managing Authorities and the Beneficiaries of the Operational Programmes
  • Since 2007, 16 training cycles have been implemented with +25,000 course registrations
  • From 2008 to the beginning of the pandemic, over 400 virtual classes had been held. The use of the system has since become widespread supporting the digital transition and hybrid operation of the MOU
  • MOU, in order to support trainees and trainers, developed a methodology and provided training support (e-tutoring), training of digital trainers and operated a help desk
  • During the operation of the E-Learning System, more than 400 asynchronous courses on technical knowledge and administrative/personal skills have been developed
  • To support content development, MOU has run a workshop on writing e-courses.     


           Virtual Class in Centra Environment     

The MOU operations regarding training are co-financed by the European Union.

Last modification date: 30/04/2024