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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Human Resources

The MOU is staffed from both the private and public sector.

MOU staff is either stationed at the MOU headquarters or is deployed with the Expert Teams. The MOU also recruits staff from the private sector, which is seconded to the Managing Authorities.

Most employees hold a University degree and have experience and expertise in managing and monitoring regional development programmes. Moreover, a number of them hold postgraduate degrees.

In all, the MOU employs 990 people, of whom 96.2% hold a university degree.  

Among the MOU employees, 11,9% hold a PhD degree and 54% hold a postgraduate (Masters level) degree.

MOU staff undertakes - along with the public servants who work at the Managing Authorities - the entire range of activities relating to NSRF management, such as project approval, programme and project management, evaluation, implementation, audit and control.

Monitoring of the MOU personnel is assumed on the one hand by the Secretaries General (responsible for Sectoral OPs) and Regional Governors (responsible for ROPs) who supervise their effort and quality of work on a daily basis and by the MOU which monitors all administrative matters and executes the payroll.

Last modification date: 19/10/2023