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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 The MOU history

During the 2nd Community Support Framework (1994 - 1999), the mission of the MOU was to provide advice and know-how in order to improve the management of programmes co-financed by the European Union and to help project promoters to deal successfully with any problems encountered during implementation, such as:

  • quality of project and project-related studies
  • evaluation and follow-up of projects
  • keeping to time-tables
  • keeping within budgets and
  • meeting the obligations arising from national and Community regulatory frameworks.

To this end, the MOU hired experts from the private and public sector and created special teams which were placed at the disposal of the programme management bodies:

  • The Expert Teams acted as Secretariats for the Monitoring Committees of the 13 Regional Operational Programmes and 3 Sectoral Programmes
  • The Project Teams supported 3 ministries and 1 implementing body in the management of 4 Sectoral Programmes

Coordinated by the MOU Headquarters, these teams played an active role in furthering the implementation of the programmes for which they were responsible, specifically:

  • monitoring the implementation and progress of the programmes
  • providing expertise, know-how and general support to project promoters
  • locating and highlighting problems arising during the implementation of each programme’s projects and operations
  • proposing corrective actions so as to speed up the implementation of the programmes and advising on how to deal with problems
  • ensuring that national and EU regulations were adhered to

During the second Community Support Framework, the MOU also:

  • provided continuous training for MOU staff as well as staff in CSF implementing bodies
  • produced guides, tools and organisational systems for the better management of Community Support Framework programmes and projects
  • equipped Expert and Project Teams with state-of-the-art infrastructure and information systems

The MOU action plan during the 3rd Community Support Framework (2000 - 2006) focused on the following areas:

  • The operational and organisational structure of the 38 Special Services (Managing Authorities) for the Community Support Framework, the Cohesion Fund and the Community Initiatives and recruitment of specialist personnel
  • Education and on-going training of CSF personnel (Special Services and Final Beneficiaries)
  • Advisory, managerial and technical support to bodies (final beneficiaries) implementing EU-funded programmes
  • Transfer of know-how to bodies managing CSF projects and programmes in Greece and in EU Member States
  • Procurement of state-of-the-art office equipment, information technology systems and modern infrastructure facilities for CSF Managing Authorities.

During the programming period of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF 2007-2013) in addition to the above, the MOU acted as an Intermediate Management Body for technical assistance funds allocated by the Operational Programmes "Technical Support for Implementation", "Macedonia-Thrace," "Attica", "Sterea Ellada-Thessaly-Epirus", "Crete and the Aegean Islands." In this capacity it issued calls of proposals to beneficiaries for the procurement of consulting services for project maturation (eg. technical consultants, legal advice, financial monitoring) and thus, facilitated the successful completion of 2.000 projects.


Last modification date: 05/07/2021