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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Operation of Special Services

The MOU executes the payroll of its employees serving in the administrative network that supports the implementation of structural interventions, monitors their movement within the Special Services and performs the relevant administrative procedures.

The MOU supports the daily operation of the Special Services, effectively addressing their operating needs (housing, infrastructure, communications, repairing etc.) and ensuring high operating standards and quality work conditions.

More specifically, the MOU provides

  • office spaces (~ 50.000 m2)
  • office equipment 
  • IT infrastructure, ensuring faster and efficient networking and e-mail/internet services, along with second and third level IT expert support.

Taking into consideration the financial adjustment programme, the MOU renegotiated all its rent contracts and has succeeded in reducing overall housing costs by 20% since 2010. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Special Services, the MOU is embarking upon the following measures:

  • Review and streamline operating needs in an effort to reduce required office spaces
  • Increase the number of public-owned office spaces to accommodate Special Services
  • Engage into further renegotiation of existing housing contracts.
The operation of the Special Services is co-financed by the European Union.

Last modification date: 04/07/2023