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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Environmental Projects

MOU supports the implementation of projects and actions that have as their main content the protection of the environment. Specifically, its activity is developed in the following areas:

  • Wastewater management: MOU supports Municipalities and Water Supply and Sewerage Companies in joining funding programmes and implementing projects for the construction, extension, and upgrading of networks and facilities for wastewater treatment, which contribute to the protection of citizens' health and the upgrading of their quality of life.
  • Drinking water: It supports the General Secretariat for Natural Environment and Water of the Ministry of Environment and Energy in the preparation of the National Operational Plan for Drinking Water, which has a regional character.
  • Waste management: It supports the planning, development, and implementation of waste management projects within the framework of the National and Regional Waste Management Plans. Special emphasis is given to recycling systems and infrastructure, following the publication of the MOU manuals "Methodology for the Development of Green Points" and "Methodology for the Development of Municipal Biowaste Management Systems".
  • Biodiversity protection: It supports the Directorate for Natural Environment and Biodiversity Management in the development and implementation of programs, projects, and actions for the protection, management, and restoration of habitats and ecosystems of high conservation value.
  • Urban regeneration: It supports Municipalities in the integration and implementation of projects for the reuse of municipal buildings and the revitalization of cities with an environmental character.
  • Restoration of illegal landfills: MOU supports the implementation of projects to recover and restore illegal landfills, aiming to eliminate the phenomenon of uncontrolled waste disposal and reduce the related financial penalties imposed by the European Commission.
  • Green Fund: It supports the Green Fund through an expert team.

Last modification date: 20/03/2023