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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Information Systems

Using innovative technologies of virtual machines and cloud computing, MOU’s data centre has the capacity to host a wide range of applications in a state-of-the-art, secure and functional environment.

The use of virtual servers’ technology ensures high availability, high infrastructure efficiency and consolidation, limited operational costs and fast response to the requests for hosting services.

The MOU supports the NSRF Monitoring Information System by developing applications that secure an uninterrupted, reliable and standardized flow of data into the system.

Furthermore it has developed various information systems assisting the delivery of funds, such as the State Aid Information System. This system has sustained during the Programming Period 2014-2020

  • 370 State Aid operations
  • 832.785 applications 
  • 700.00 users' accounts.

During the programming period 2021-2027, MOU cooperates with the competent service of the National Coordination Authority (Special Service for State Aid and Financial Instruments) for the technical development of the new technological platform, the Integrated Information System of State Aids. The subsystems of the first 17 co-financed state aid actions of the "Competitiveness" Programme have already been implemented, more than 21,000 applications have been submitted and the first ones have been accepted. The new platform offers

  • new functions
  • innovative user interface (UI) mechanism and
  • data integration capabilities using interoperability expected to simplify the investment plan management flow.

The MOU has also developed the NSRF portal, various websites for the Programmes, as well as the intranet "Diavlos" connecting all Special Services and providing various applications for their daily work.

MOU develops, manages and maintains critical information systems, such as the Accumulation Information System, which monitors the state aid given and ensures the legality of its provision and the e-PDE, the information system for the management of the public investment programme.

Examples of other hosting services include

  • a total of 70 web sites of the Special Services 
  • the one stop shop information system for creating and registering new companies (GEMI)

In addition, MOU actively assisted the development by the Greek Authorities of the web based tool for monitoring the progress of NSRF projects as stipulated in the MoU of the Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece. This webpage is hosted in the MOU virtual servers’ farm, ensuring its interoperability with other information systems.

The MOU operations regarding information systems and their hardware/software are co-financed by the European Union.

Last modification date: 03/04/2024