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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Studies & Organisational Tools

MOU’s main task is to support the competent services and bodies in administrative and operational organization matters. Specifically, the MOU:

A. Completed Operational Review Studies for a number of Special Services aiming at improvement proposals regarding their organisation, procedures and legislative framework.

B. Carried out studies, in view of the NSRF Special Services’ reorganisation:

  • Phase A: mapping of the NSRF competent Services, MOU departments and expert teams human resources (providing data such as number of employees, positions, qualifications, professional experience and tasks)
  • Phase B: preparation of supporting material for each Special Service based on a comparative data analysis of the 2000-2006 and 2007-2013 Programming Periods.  The study concludes with improvement proposals /alternatives on Special Services’ structure and operation.

C. Supports the Ministry’s competent Services, providing expert consulting relative to design and effective implementation of procedures. MOU also prepares, on behalf of the National Coordination Authority and the respective Special Services, the Annual Reports on the implementation of the Regional Operational Programs (ROPs) as well as the Annual Monitoring Reports for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the 5 ROPs.


D. Develops specific tools and guides to assist the administrative and organisational operations and processes of the NSRF Special Services and Beneficiaries, including:

  • Guides presenting and analysing the maturation procedures for the main categories of public infrastructure projects, expropriations, archaeological licensing, public procurement projects, etc.
  • Manuals and Guides for the standardisation of the filing system for State Aid projects, Public Procurement projects and Expropriation procedures during the 2007-2013 Programming Period
  • Studies for the verification of the Managerial Capacity / Competence of Beneficiaries
  • Standard Operating Regulation for Managing Authorities
  • ISO Quality Management Systems for Intermediate Management Bodies.

E. Participates in project teams such as:

  • for the simplification of the Management and Control System and the acceleration of the NSRF implementation
  • for the preparation of the 2014-2020 Programming Period
  • for the development and support of the Operational Platform (portal Diavlos), an interdepartmental communication system between Managing Authorities.


Last modification date: 23/08/2022