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 National Operational Plan for Drinking Water

MOU supports the General Secretariat of Natural Environment & Water of the Ministry of Environment & Energy in developing the National Plan for the Drinking Water, one of the enabling conditions raised by the EC, related to the specific objective 2.5 of the Funding Period 2021-2027.

This Plan will, among others, provide:

  1. the degree of compliance of the drinking water with the Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EK) and its 2017  amendment (COM(2017) 753 final)
  2. the identification and planning of the public investments required to fully implement the Directive 98/83/EC and also to match the needs stemming from its recast (COM(2017)753 final),
  3. an estimate of investments needed to renew existing water supply infrastructure, including networks,
  4. indicative potential sources of public financing.

In addition, it will set criteria for prioritization of the projects identified, as it is very likely that the required budgets of the projects will exceed the available resources of the programming period 2021-2017.

The strategic plan for the drinking water sector is expected to be approved by the Greek authorities by the end of 2021.

Last modification date: 01/09/2021