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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Recruitment system

The system for selecting and hiring staff for the MOU Headquarters and the Managing Authorities consists of the following procedures and stages:

  • First, the specific needs and requirements of the Managing Authorities are investigated (job description and specifications)
  • The positions to be filled are then announced in the national and regional Press and on the MOU website
  • A first check is performed to ensure that applicants fulfilled the specific job requirements
  • A written examination is conducted
  • Candidates who pass the exam are interviewed to evaluate their suitability.

Institutionally, the responsibility for the recruitment procedure lies with:

  • the MOU Selection Committee, which has overall responsibility for the selection process
  • the Examination Committee, made up of university professors, which has academic responsibility for conducting the written examinations.

The system of recruiting from the private sector through an open call for expression of interest is inactive due to Law 3812/2009.
Consequently, at this stage only staff currently employed in the public and broader public sector or whithin the NSRF structure system can be seconded to the Special Services.

Last modification date: 16/10/2012