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 Legal announcement

Announcement on copyright

© Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes SA (MOU SA), 2012

The reproduction is allowed provided that the source is stated, unless specified otherwise.

When prior consent is required for the reproduction or use of text and multimedia data (audio, video, software, etc), this consent supersedes over the aforementioned general consent and clearly specifies any limitations of use.


This website of the Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes SA is a vertical portal (vortal) gathering all information pertaining to the programmes and projects implemented by our company with the contribution of the European Union. Our objective is to provide precise and updated data. Should any errors be ascertained, every effort will be made in order to correct them. 
The Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes bears no liability whatsoever as regards the content of the website. The website includes :

  • General type information not intended for covering specific cases of natural or legal entities;
  • Information, not necessarily complete, precise or updated;
  • Information sometimes associated,with sites beyond the company and not controlled by the MOU. For the content of those sites, the MOU,can undertake no liability whatsoever;
  • Non-professional or legal advice (if you need specific advice, you must always address the specialized professionals). 

Our objective is to minimize the discontinuances due to technical problems.  However, some elements or information in our site might have been created or corrected in files or formats not free of errors, and we cannot guarantee that the provision of our service will not be discontinued or affected in any other way by such problems.  The Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes undertakes no liability as regards such problems that might result due to the usage of this site or other beyond the MOU and a site associated with the present.

Last modification date: 16/08/2012