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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Intermediate Body

Given the very large number of NSRF beneficiaries and the finite capacity of MOU expert teams, the MOU was activated as an Intermediate Management Body by the Ministry of Development for the OP “Technical Support for Implementation” funds and for the Technical Assistance axes of other Sectoral and Regional Operational Programmes 2007-2013.

In this capacity, MOU issued calls for proposals for 325 Municipalities in 13 Regions for the procurement of consulting services for project maturation (ex. technical consultants, legal support, financial monitoring). 2.700 projects of an approximate budget of 17,65 million € were thus supported in their maturation.

Similarly, calls of proposals were issued in the area of health infrastructure and 40 health institutions (Hospitals and Regional Health Directorates) benefited from this type of support.

85% of these bodies have responded and it is estimated that over 500 projects of an approximate budget of 200 million were thus supported. This measure contributed significantly to the acceleration of NSRF implementation.

Moreover, MOU supported other beneficiaries in urgent need for support, mainly in the implementation of the "priority projects". Actually, 13 projects were supported with technical assistance funds of 4,80 million €.

Last modification date: 04/06/2019