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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Infrastructure & Information Systems

The MOU provided the premises, office equipment and the information systems of the Community Support Framework Managing Authorities.

  • Premises and office equipment
    To house the CSF III Managing Authorities, the MOU rented offices with a total area of more than 30,000 square metres. They have been fully refurbished and renovated and have been equipped with state-of-the-art office infrastructure.
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  • Organisation, installation and operation of information systems (supply of computer equipment, operating software and application software) and connection to the Management Information System (MIS) and the Internet.
    • Specification, supply and installation of appropriate computer systems (hardware and software) for all Managing Authorities
    • Maintenance and development of new MIS applications, technical support for the operation of the MIS and the operation of Managing Authorities’ information systems (supporting 1,800 MIS users from Managing Authorities and 16,000 users from Final Beneficiaries)
    • Operation of the CSF information intranet, which linked all the Regional Operational Programmes, the rural development offices, the regional planning directorates and some of the Sectoral Operational Programmes. In all, 40 services have been connected in the whole of Greece, 15 of them in Athens.
  • Website hosting and support for the Managing Authorities (20 Operational Programme websites, 4 Community Initiative websites)
  • Website design and development (3rd CSF website,  CSF Monitoring Committees, etc. )
  • Design, support and operation of the CSF On–Line web page
  • Electronic Helpdesk: The Helpdesk is an electronic platform displaying answers to the questions and requests made by services involved in managing the Community Support Framework III
  • Development of an integrated information system for classifying and monitoring investment proposals for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) receiving aid under Regional Operational Programmes and the Development Law 3299/2004
  • Pilot application of the electronic signature of documents in CSF services


Last modification date: 15/03/2013