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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Expert Team for the Environment

Head: Loukas Athanassakis

The Unit began operating in March 2002. It provides support to the Ministry of the Environment & Energy, to the country’s Regions and to the Management Bodies of Protected Areas regarding the management of solid waste and waste water projects, as well as environment and biodiversity projects. More specifically, it:

  • Monitors national waste management planning
  • Monitors national and regional nature and biodiversity planning
  • Evaluates the current state of projects
  • Develops guides and handbooks
  • Provides technical support to bodies and beneficiaries
  • Provides administrative support to the Ministry and the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme for the Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Provides technical support to the Management Bodies of Protected Areas in order to ensure funding of their projects from the Operational Programme and other sources.

The Unit also

  • Plans, evaluates and implements projects regarding the processing of solid waste and waste water as well as natural environment & biodiversity
  • Determines priorities for intervention and submits proposals and action plans
  • Advances and monitors projects for the restoration of uncontrolled waste disposal areas
  • Monitors the planning of solid waste management in Regions and Prefectures
  • Provides support in the implementation of schemes to collect, process and dispose of solid waste and waste water
  • Develops industrial waste management plans
  • Draws up calls for proposals in the framework of Axis 9 "Protection of natural environment & biodiversity" of the operational programme Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Draws up reports on existing projects
  • Participates in working groups

Last modification date: 23/08/2022