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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Expert Team for Mountainous and Disadvantaged Areas


The Expert Team operates since July 2011. It provides advisory, management and technical support to the beneficiaries of the Sectoral and Regional Operational Programmes, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund (CF).

Categories of projects supported:

  • Transport infrastructure projects
  • Environmental infrastructure projects
  • Energy projects
  • Health, education, culture and tourism infrastructure projects
  • Information Technology projects

Services provided:

  • Technical support to beneficiaries enabling them to respond successfully to the management requirements of a co-funded project at all stages of its life cycle, from its conception to its completion, i.e the during planning and implementation phase of the project.
  • Transfer of know how and best practices in operational, technical, legal and other issues, in order to improve the beneficiaries’ administrative capacity and effectiveness in planning, managing and monitoring the implementation of their projects.
  • Technical support in cooperation with the National Coordination Authority and the relevant Managing Authorities and Executive Units, in order to expedite the implementation of specific categories of projects that need immediate attention, such as
    o the completion of the “bridge- projects" within the NSRF life-cycle
    o the implementation of Major Projects.
    In such cases, the task force supports:
    • the specialization and the planning of projects
    • the projects’ maturation
    • the coordination and expedition of procedures prior to implementation
    • the drafting of tender documents
    • the preparation of “Applications of Major Projects” and of cost benefit analyses
    • the projects’ implementation (expediting procedures in order to timely complete projects and cover the n+3 rule of absorptions).

Last modification date: 23/08/2022