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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Expert Team for Remote and Island Areas

Head: Ioannis Agapitidis

The Task Force was set up in May 2002. It provides priority technical and consultative support to beneficiaries, mainly local authorities on small islands or in remote regions, where issues relating to staffing and administrative capacity have been identified. The Task Force assists beneficiaries in developing and implementing public infrastructure projects co-financed by the European Union as part of the Sectoral and/or Regional Operational Programmes.

The Task Force currently supports beneficiaries in the following regions: Northern Aegean, Southern Aegean, Ionian islands, Western Macedonia, Peloponnese and Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.


Upper left: Head Ioannis Agapitidis, Anastasios Achimastos, Athanasios Tsimperdonis, Eleni Reizidou, Despoina Pachlitzanaki, Elena Boutsikou, Lefteris Papavasilopoulos, Nikos Kyriakos, Vassilis Stamatis
Lower left: Nikos Papanikolaou, Antonis Draganigos, Hlias Kanellopoulos

Principal categories of projects supported:

• Projects for the management and protection of water resources
• Sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants
• Solid waste management projects
• Projects for energy conservation and development of renewable energy sources
• Construction and redevelopment of sites & buildings
• Footpaths in archaeological / tourist sites
• Port facilities
• Marinas/Fishing boats' moorings
• Road networks.

Services provided:

The Task Force provides operational and technical support at both the design / licencing stage and at the implementation / monitoring stage of projects, such as:

  • Coordination and support in project planning
  • Drafting of specifications for studies put out to tender
  • Supervision/Oversight of studies carried out
  • Support in the studies' evaluation
  • Proactive monitoring and follow-up of ongoing license applications to ensure their smooth and timely progression
  • Support in drafting Technical and Monitoring Bulletins
  • Assistance in drawing-up tender documents
  • Monitoring/supervision of project implementation procedures.

Last modification date: 23/08/2022