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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Planning and Development Department

Director: Evita Papakonstantinou


The Planning and Development Department is responsible for planning and developing manuals, tools and organisational systems necessary for the effective operation of the bodies managing programmes and projects. These tools :

  • help the above bodies to perform efficiently both in terms of preparation of programmes and projects and in prevention of irregularities
  • assist bodies in the implementation of projects      

Accordingly, the Department:

  • provides extensive support on CSF / NSRF - related matters
  • designs and develops tailor-made organisational systems (operation reviews, organisation studies, managerial capacity/competence studies, job descriptions, operation and process mapping, ISO quality systems)
  • designs and develops models and tools, monitors their application, reviews and updates them on the basis of users’ recommendations and compatibility with legal frameworks
  • supports the Ministry's competent authorities with regard to management and control systems of the programming periods
  • is actively involved in the transfer and exchange of know-how to new or future Member States of the EU
  • organises the MOU documentation

Last modification date: 06/07/2021