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Working Visit – Romanian Delegation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 16 - 20 April 2018


The MOU, in collaboration with the National Coordination Authority of the Ministry of Economy and Development, organized a 5-day working visit for delegates from the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the context of the implementation of the co-funded project “Optimization of Human Resources Capacity in the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Development and Implementation of Projects financed by ESIF”. The working visit took place from the 16th to the 20th of April  2018.

The programme included:

    1.A 3-day exchange of know-how  at the MOU premises with:
  • the National Coordination Authority of the Ministry of Economy and Development,
  • the Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • the Ministry of Migration Policy,
  • the Managing Authorities of the OP for “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development”, “Technical assistance”, “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020”, “Public Sector reform” and “Attica”,
  • The Executive Authority of the Ministry for Environment and Energy,
  • The General Secretariat for Waters,
  • ERGOSE SA. and
  • MOU SA.

The meeting addressed a wide variety of issues regarding the implementation of EU co-funded projects, focusing in particular on the tackling of climate change and flood risk prevention, the management and civil protection mechanisms, the increase of safety and security in all modes of transportation, the reduction of the impact of transport on the environment, the promotion of energy and promotion of low-carbon emissions in urban areas, the promotion of smart energy efficiency projects in public buildings, the strengthening of organizational, institutional and operational capacity of public administration and local authorities for the benefit of citizens and business, the promotion of e-government in the public sector and ICT projects.

    2.A 2-day site visit at co-funded projects in Greece. The Romanian delegation visited the following co-funded projects:
  • GRNET's main data center and the PRACE – GR project (High Performance Computer – HPC) organised by the MA “Competitiveness Entrepreneurship and Innovation”,        
  • Thriassio Pedio Complex, organised by ERGOSE SA. The project involves the construction of a modern complex in Thriassio Pedio, where the railway and freight activities will be accumulated, which are currently interspersed in facilities all over the capital (
  • An anti-flood project in Menidi/Acharnes, organised by the MA of ROP “Attica”.  

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Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes (MOU SA)


Last modification date: 9/5/2018