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European Union - European Regional Development Fund

 Expert Team for State Aid Projects

Head: Anna Kanakaki

The Expert Team for Private Investment Projects was established in November 2016 at the request of the Ministry of Development.

Its mission is to support the public authorities that manage state incentives for private investment in optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall system. To this direction, the experts of the task force perform case by case administrative checks, certifying the completion of the investment and commencement of the production phase, while in the same time they identify systemic drawbacks and promote solutions.

In the first three years of its full operation, and acting under the Ministerial Decision 127660/27-11-2017, the Expert Team was assigned the administrative checks for the certification of more than 200 investment projects in the field of renewable energy production.

A total of 160 SME investment projects of more than 80 MEURO were processed and completed, distributing 25 MEURO of state aid to all 13 Regions of the country, while generating a new capacity of 12 million KWATTh per year electricity based on solar power. Furthermore, it has elaborated several system reviews and supported new instruments, improving the performance of the system.

Last modification date: 09/08/2023