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European Union - European Regional Development Fund


Since its establishment in 1996, the MOU has placed particular emphasis on the on-going training of staff after they are hired and posted to the Managing Authorities.

As soon as it was hired, the MOU staff attended introductory seminars, as well as seminars focusing on special topics which enabled them to acquire and/or deepen knowledge and skills useful for their work and for their personal development.

It is the MOU’s firm belief that human resources are the competitive advantage of every organisation. Therefore the MOU devoted many resources to the development of its human capital.

During the 3rd CSF, continuing training of MOU staff had two principal strategic objectives:

  • Improved performance
  • Flexible and adaptable human resources

The training and development system followed the stages:

  1. Investigating knowledge-and-skills development needs with multiple methodologies
  2. Designing a knowledge-and-skills development plan
  3. Planning and implementing training programmes for the development of technical knowledge and personal and administrative skills

Continuing staff education contributes to the development of technical and personal skills, using systematic tools and methods such as:

  • Development and standardisation of training packages and tools
  • Educator training
  • Distance learning
  • Advice on personal development

The MOU seminars focused on subjects such as planning, management, implementation, evaluation and auditing of EU co-funded interventions and included courses in the subjects, such as:

  • Introductory training in the structures, mechanisms and tools of the third Community Support Framework and the National Strategic Reference Framework
  • Financial and administrative audits
  • Issues arising from the inspection and auditing of co-financed private investment
  • Procedures for bringing projects to maturity and implementing them
  • Interim evaluation of the 2000-2006 Community Support Framework and programmes
  • General and specific management issues
  • Basic principles of project management
  • Language skills
  • Computer skills

Last modification date: 16/10/2012